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In 1987, the Correia brothers bought the “Snack Bar Guedes”. They initially worked with a menu consisting of cheap meals, roast pork shank, hot dogs and francesinhas. In the nineties, in association with an increasing demand from the university and workers public, from the surrounding services in the São Lázaro area for roasted pork shank, this specialty of Casa Guedes was gaining increasing relevance in the menu. It is in this social context that the Baião-style ham revolution is born, where the Correia family begins to reformulate the already existing ham making, putting their own spices and original techniques in their homeland.

The ham starts to become popular with the people of Porto. However, with the Porto European Capital of Culture 2001 initiative, a series of changes and works took place at Praça dos Poveiros. From the closing of some university institutions to the remodeling of the car park and the removal of transportation, the movement in the square of the people begins to disappear little by little and consequently all local businesses are affected for some time, including Casa Guedes.

With the crisis, Mr. César took the initiative to partner with Maus Hábitos in 2006 to take Guedes' sandwiches to the young clientele during the weekend nights, which implied several days of hard work to raise the business up again. With the recovery of the business among university students and young people, the mythical sandwiches capture the attention of a journalist who publishes an article in Time Out magazine about Casa Guedes, boosting the focus on the business and the following references to Guedes in several magazines and international newspapers that followed.

In 2012 Primavera Sound expands the music festival from Barcelona to the city of Porto. In the second edition of Primavera Sound in Porto, Casa Guedes joins the gastronomic offer of this festival. In the debut year, the success with the audience is staggering. Casa Guedes associated with other names of Porto gastronomy, has since contributed to making the Primavera Sound Festival in Porto one of the festivals with the best gastronomic poster in the world.

From then on, the success of Casa Guedes products went from strength to strength, where they quickly became essential content on any Porto tourism website or blog. The increase in the volume of tourism in the region has benefited the dissemination of the famous sandwiches among all who tasted it, be it tourists, Porto residents or simply tripeiros, with those who plan to visit us and taste it.

In 2019, with the success, the challenge is already different: getting more conditions to serve the Portuguese and tourists who visit us to take our flavors even further. This year, we mark the beginning of a tradition that is renewed, with the opening of a new space in the usual square, with the usual flavors, to do more and better.

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